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Check back soon and below you will find the answers to some of the most common questions for Faculty & Staff. If you have a question that you feel would be a valuable addition to this page, please submit it here.

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Technology Questions

Question: Do students have email addresses and how are they formatted?

Answer: Students in grades 5-12 are provided Keystone School email addresses. The format of their address is the same as teachers. (in most cases = first initial+last Students should go to and click the Email link there to access their account. They will use the same password that they use to log on to computers and/or Canvas.

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Question: How do I submit a phishing or other suspected malicious email for review?

Answer: It is important to forward the mailicious email to the Director of Technology as an email attachment. This allows for thorough inspection of the original item in question without it being altered, Please see this video for instructions on an easy way to forward an email as anattachment. To learn how to install the Report Message add-in for Microsoft Outlook which reports the message directly to Microsoft, click here.

Question: How do I find documents in G-Suite (Google Drive) that people have shared with me?

Answer: First, make sure you are logged into your Keystone Google account in the browser and not a personal Google account. Then follow the steps outlined in this video.

Question: Where can I find training on how to use Microsoft Teams better?

Answer: Here are a few resources for Microsoft Teams

    1. How to use Microsoft Teams Training videos
    2. How to use Breakout Rooms in Microsoft Teams, a workaround
    3. Get started with Microsoft Teams for remote learning
    4. How to enable the Large Gallery view in Teams to view up to 49 attendees simultaneously.

Question: Where can I find Keystone School's technology policies?

Answer: Most policies are covered and can be found in the Faculty & Staff portion of the hanbook. Some specific technology policies are the following:

Question: I am changing my password. How do I know I've picked a good one?

Answer: The most important factor when picking a password is its length. We always suggest that you use a phrase that you can easily remember but one that also contains combination of capital and lower-case letters, numbers, and other characters. If you would like to check the strength of your passwords, you can use the school's online Password Strength Checking Tool.

Human Resources Questions

Question: Where can I get the most common HR forms?

Answer: The most common human resources forms such as W-4, Direct Deposit, and retirement plan payroll deduction forms can be found by clicking here.

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Professional Development Questions

Question: Where can I find the most common forms required for professional development opportunities?

Answer: The Professional Development Guidelines, Request Form, and Travel Reimbursement Checklist can be found by clicking here. Other forms may be available by contacting Cindy Tyroff.

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